About Me

Greetings and welcome to Inkflowing! I’m Heather Flow, owner and creator of this website. 

A little about me: I’m a total bibliophile who reads more than almost anything else except maybe cooking (check out my other website: The Halfway Gourmet). I’m also a former English teacher who has decided to turn my experiences and education into a new career of writing and editing. Additionally, I’m a married mother of two who resides in Florida. 

Here’s a link to my current resume, chock full of jobs related to writing, reading, and the textual arts: Heather Flow’s Resume.

As you can see, I’m dedicated to the cause of literature and English. Here I am at my Masters degree graduation in 2013 with all the bells and whistles. While my degree focused primarily on British literature, rest assured that I can research and write about nearly anything with grammatical precision. 

So drop me a line and let’s talk text!

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